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Independent Artist



Alper Aydın’s purpose is to make it possible to read his products with reference to the geography in which he lives; his aim is to ensure the interpretation of the spatial existence of living beings, particularly the human being on the ecological process through a sociological, historical, archaeological infrastructure, and the interpretation of the past with the future through the cultural memory. In his production process, he integrates the experiences he acquired in the geographies that inspired him, with the results of his physical and mental syntheses and with the dynamics of human-nature relationships. Aydın, who performs using multiple practices such as sculpture, installation, performance, architecture, video, etc., allows the venue’s own energy to lead him during the artistic production process and endeavours to treat the human being’s existence in nature in every single sense. Alper Aydın, who points at the evolution of human being and the chaotic and destructive aspects of man’s being in nature in the installations he creates, invites us to witness the truth of the future, and by following the traces of the global annihilation that humanity has brought to an unstoppable point, he presents a manifestation of a future nature in his works.

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