Artists, galleries and collectors. emerged as a reaction to bridge the gap between contemporary art and technology by fostering a virtual space that connects independent artists, galleries and collectors with each other. provides two main services:

Art Platform

Rendering NFTs for all computation-based digital artworks, connects artists, galleries and art collectors on a secure online platform. The value transfer of the cryptocurrency and the distribution of the commission during the sale process is carried out throughout the blockchain using metamask (a type of cryptocurrency wallet). Additionally, minimizes energy waste with lazy minting. The minting of NFT is done when the transaction process is finalized. As a result of its uniquely developed security area, the NFTs purchased through could only be accessed by the authorized parties. preserves and safeguards your artwork indefinitely via its cloud infrastructure.

Art Platform
Certification provides an NFT of the certificate of authentcity for the purchased phsysical artwork. This step prevents the unauthorized copying of the purchased artwork and provides a verifiable, traceable and transparent transaction. securely connects artists, art galleries, and collectors with each other. The artist’s copyright is irrevocably protected in event of possible handover of there artworks. By purchasing an artwork via, the art collector indefinetely secures the authenticity of the acquired work.

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