In line with its location and its founding principles, the KRANK Art Gallery, located at the Tomtom neighbourhood, set out with the mission to share with a wide audience that it is possible to express and comprehend contemporary art. Emphasising the universality of contemporary art by showcasing outstanding works of artists from home and abroad; the primary aim of the gallery is to let these artworks become accessible and interpretable in the welcoming environment of the gallery, and to make the passion of these artists felt. Martin Heidegger said, “Art is truth setting itself to work.” In the present period when this overwhelming power of art is felt more and more, KRANK Art Gallery, aware of the fact that the art professionals must share the responsibility of art and the artists, aims to incorporate the context of good art-accessible art into its mission. While continuing to work with artists utilising different techniques, conveying different contents, but always exhibiting contemporary, dynamic works living up to international standards, the gallery aims to capture the same dynamism with its visitors and all art professionals. Initiating a debate about a different concept through contemporary art with each new exhibition, KRANK Art Gallery will continue to work to make the integrating and healing powers of art on humanity visible.

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