Vahap Avşar (b. 1965, Malatya) studied at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Izmir from 1985 to 1989. He earned a Masters in Fine Arts in 1992 and completed the coursework for a Ph.D in art theory at Bilkent University, Ankara in 1995. Avşar’s solo exhibitions include “Interventions”, Istanbul (2022), “I hate America, America hates me”, Osmos, New York (2020) and Mebusan #25, Istanbul (2019), “Lost Shadows”, SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul (2015), “Black Album”, Rampa, Istanbul (2013), “iBerlin”, TANAS, Berlin (2012), “Noneisafe”, Charles Bank Gallery, New York (2011) and “Vahap Avşar”, Rampa, Istanbul (2010), “Come Who Ever You Are”, W139, Amsterdam (1993) and “Myths”, Galeri Zon, Ankara (1991). His group exhibitions, among others, include “Returning to Nest” OMM, Eskisehir, (2020), “Istanbul: Passion, Joy, Fury”, MAXXI Museo Nazionale Delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome, “Too Early, Too Late: Middle East and Modernity”, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna (2015), “Artists’ Film International”, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul (2015), “Zwölf im Zwölften”, TANAS, Berlin (2011), Second Exhibition, ARTER, Istanbul (2010), “I’m Too Sad to Kill You!”, Proje 4L, Istanbul (2003), 5th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul (1997) and “Gar”, TCDD Art Gallery and Ankara Central Train Station, Ankara (1995), 5th Havana Biennial Art Exhibition (1994), “Elli Numara – Anı Bellek II”, Akaretler 50, Istanbul (1993) and “An Another Art: For the Memory of Joseph Beuys”, German Cultural Centre, İzmir (1986). Avşar lives and works in New York and Istanbul.

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